Which Course Is Right For Me?

Thank you for enquiring about Ice Driving School’s intensive courses. Before choosing your course, please look at our course selector. This will guide you towards the course that is right for you. You should also take into account the following additional factors as our course selector is based on an average pupil (if there is such a person!):

  • Your age – as a general rule, the older you are the more lessons you will need.
  • Do you have previous experience, if so how long ago?
  • Was your previous experience with a professional instructor or with a friend or family member?
  • Are you familiar with the area in which you will take your test?

If you are unsure about the course most suitable for you then we would be happy to arrange an assessment lesson to advise you and help you decide. Feel free to call us on 0800 612 8185 to book or for help with any queries.

Now take a look at our pricelist which gives all the intensive course options. All of our courses can be taken over one week or over a longer period to suit you. Courses must be booked according to test availability at your chosen test centre.

Intensive Course Selector

Already taken a test:

10 hour course, taken over 2-4 days, practical test included                                                          £370
As above plus theory test included                                                                                                  £410

Approaching test standard – practiced all manoeuvres and familiar with test area:

15 hour course, taken over 2-5 days, practical test included                                                          £520
As above plus theory test included                                                                                                  £550

Intermediate – driven on all types of road including dual carriageways, town centres, rural roads and lanes, having a reasonable level of car control and practiced some reversing:-

20 hour course, taken over 3-7 days, practical test included                                                          £670
As above plus theory test included                                                                                                  £700

Beginner – practiced some basic car control and driven a little on quieter roads:

30 hour course, taken over 4-8 days, practical test included                                                          £970
As above plus theory test included                                                                                                  £1000

New Starter – no previous experience:

40 hour course, taken over 7-14 days, practical test included                                                       £1270
As above plus theory test included                                                                                                 £1300

Guaranteed Pass:

Includes theory test and unlimited tuition and practical tests                                                         £3500

All courses can be taken over a longer period, days quoted are a minimum guide.

Remember to choose the course suited to your experience not your pocket.

How to Book:

* By post – return the booking form, with the appropriate fee and a copy of your driving licence (the card and paper part) to the address below. Please make cheques payable to P.J.Roberts.

To view and download the booking form… CLICK HERE

* Via this website – payment by debit card, paypal or direct bank transfer, go to the bottom of this page and make a selection.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and helping you on your way to diving success.

Course name Hours Cost with practical Practical & Theory test
Intensive course selector 10 hours £370 £410
Approaching test standard 15 hours £520 £550
20 hours £670 £700
Beginner 30 hours £970 £1000
New starter 40 hours £1270 £1300
Guaranteed Pass Unlimited hours £3500